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Let Go Baby

AU: Calum Hood Smut that includes sassy Calum hell yeah


"Please don’t make me go," you begged to your best friend, Calum. He was asking you to go to a party with him as his tag along.

"Please come, there will be a lot of music and dancing and it’ll be great!"

"There will be a lot of people I don’t know, too," you groaned.

"I’ll make sure nothing happens to you, I promise."

You sighed. “Fine.” Calum cheered and immediately left the room so you could get ready.


"There’s so many people here, Calum," you gasped and in nervousness, grabbed his arm and pinched at his shirt sleeve.

"It’s alright, they won’t bug you. You look great," he commented, tugging at your relatively short and tight black dress. You nodded in response and he put his arm around your back, guiding you through the people.

You stood with Calum as he talked to a few of his other friends. As he talked, you glanced around the room, surveying the scene, when your eyes landed on a familiar mess of hair. Nate. Shit. He was drunk, and when he saw you, he smirked and grabbed the girl sitting near him and started kissing her. You cringed at the sight but also felt a little bit jealous. You knew Nate was trying to get to you, but you hadn’t fully moved on yet.

"Calum, I found Nate," you mumbled. He snapped his head to you, concern washing over his face. He knew how much you loved Nate, and he also knew you weren’t completely over him yet.

"Ugh he’s just being a manwhore as usual, don’t mind him, (Y/N)." You tried to shake it off but still let it bug you.

"Hey, are you alright?" Calum asked, noticing your lack of focus on the conversation.

"I don’t know, Cal, I guess I let Nate get to me."

"You have to let go, (Y/N)," he urged.

"I can’t, he hurt me." Calum’s face was worried but it hardened suddenly.

"So let’s get revenge on him." He said and pulled your wrist towards the dance floor.

"Cal, what are you doing?"

"We’re going to make Nate jealous," he stated, dancing and pulling me closer to him. You smiled and snuggled into him. Calum always made you smile and feel safe and warm. As quickly as we started dancing, it started getting steamy. Calum tilted you up by the chin and kissed you with full force. Your eyes fluttered shut and your hands flew up to his hair. His hands roamed up and down your back, pulling me as close as possible.

"Cal," you gasped between kisses and Calum stopped. He looked up at you.

"Listen, (Y/N), I like you a lot. I really do." A wide smile crossed your face.

"So shut up and kiss me then," you whispered before slamming your lips on his again. He smiled and continued to make out with you. For a brief second, the two of you looked up to see if Nate had noticed, and surely enough, he had. He sat at the bar with his arms crossed and he looked angry.

"Let’s take it to somewhere private," Calum muttered before taking your hand and guiding you through the people and towards a bathroom. He locked the door and pushed you against the door.

"Calum, I need you so badly right now," you gasped as he kissed your neck, making you moan and sweat.

"Didn’t hear you," he smirked as he continued to attack your neck.

"Please, Calum," you whimpered.

"You want my thick cock inside your wet pussy, filling you completely and banging you so hard you can’t walk the whole week?" You moaned at his words.

"Yes, fuck me Calum. Fuck me." He smiled and tugged your dress down your body as you unbuttoned his jeans. He kicked them off and pulled his shirt off his body. You gaped at him. You’ve seen him shirtless before but now it actually meant something.

"You’re so gorgeous," he groaned, licking his lips at your body.

"Same goes for you," you sighed. He began massaging your breasts through your bra and you sighed.

"I need you to fuck me," you moaned, pulling his boxers down and wiggling out of your panties. He groaned and took off your bra.

"Whatever you say, (Y/N). Damn, even your name alone could make me cum." And with that, he inched himself into you, your back pressed up aha ins the bathroom door, the cold sensation of the doorknob on your hip.

"Fucking hell, you’re absolutely perfect," Calum whispered in your ear before starting to thrust into you. You threw your head back, mouth open and eyes shut, moaning loudly and pressing your breasts onto Calum’s chest. He continued to thrust into you quite softly before you gripped his shoulder.

"Fuck me into next week, Cal," you moaned and bit his shoulder. Something ignited inside of him, because he started pounding into you mercilessly, his hands holding yours above your head, before turning you over.

Now your breasts were pressed into the door as he took you from behind, continuing to slam into you. You were sure the door would break if he continued this torture.

"Calum," you whimpered as he gripped your hands in his and had them pinned up above your head against the door.

"You’re so beautiful, (Y/N)," he groaned. The two of you were moaning uncontrollably and you were sure everyone could hear but you didn’t care. You were waiting for this for years.

"I love the way you moan my name," Calum hissed in my ear as he he started massaging my breasts. My fingers flew up to my breasts as well and interlocked with Calum’s fingers. You moaned so loudly, it sparked a moan from Calum.

"I’m close, baby girl," he mumbled in your ear. Your eyes were squeezed shut as his thrusts grew sloppier.

"Me too," you breathed. "Just let it go." Calum twitched inside of you before you felt a warm heat fill you up. You released as well, your liquids mixing with his. You moaned for the last time before collapsing into him, two sweaty bodies panting and kissing each other hungrily.

"I like you a whole lot, (Y/N)," Calum said again. He wanted to make sure you felt the same without the sex.

"I like you too," you replied with a smile. He helped pull your dress back up, and tucked your bra and panties in his back pocket. He pulled his jeans and boxers up before tugging the shirt back on. Although you two had just fucked, you felt disappointed to see his beautifully tanned abs being covered again. The two of you kissed one last time before he unlocked the bathroom door and the two of you stepped out.

Nate was standing near the bathroom and he glared at you.

"Awfully fucking loud," he snarled. You ignored the comment and walked past him with Calum’s hand around your waist.

"Bet he couldn’t fuck you better than I did," Nate called after you. Calum stopped and turned around to face him.

"Listen here, you dick, (Y/N) doesn’t like you anymore and you don’t deserve her. And she’s told me on multiple occasions that you’re vanilla as fuck and she’s done better with her own hands." Calum growled. You slapped his arm for mentioning what you’ve complained to Calum about, but he ignored it and his hand just gave your hip a squeeze.

"Oh yeah? I made her moan loudly when we were together," he smirked. Calum scoffed. His hand slid to your front and his thumb pressed on your clit. Naturally, you released a loud moan and moaned Calum’s name and rested your head on Calum’s shoulder. Nate looked taken aback by Calum’s forward actions.

"Whatever, she’s a whore."

"Jesus fucking Christ do you not realize how much of a douchebag you are? You’re a dick and you can’t keep a perfect girl like (Y/N). You’re fucking stupid and a shitty one in bed. Mate you sound pretty useless to me," Calum quipped and turned on his heel, walking you with him. You gasped and burst out laughing.

"Calum you were amazing," you smiled to him.

"You mean in the bathroom or just now?"

"Both. You’re absolutely amazing."

"Not as much as you, baby girl."

"So are we dating now?" You asked.

"Would you like to be?" You nodded. "Then it’s a yes."

"Calum, I just,"you stuttered before kissing him again. He smiled into the kiss and wrapped his hands around your waist. Once you pulled away, he tugged on your hand.

"Come on, let’s get out of here."



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Forbidden Love


Michael Clifford Smut (yes finally)

Rated: R

Pairing: Michael Clifford / Y/N

Character Count: 4,887

Description: Michael Clifford, aka Y/N’s brother’s best friend. She’d always liked Michael, and he’d always liked her, but Calum always said their love was not…











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In this gif, I like to think he’s saying 
"she’s mine, you shit!!!"


In this gif, I like to think he’s saying 

"she’s mine, you shit!!!"

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Welcome Back: Michael smutty imagine- For Zoey


You had been waiting for Michael to come home since the day he left. You had the day marked on your calendar with everything marked out. You were super excited- That was until you heard a rumor. You were sure that was all it was, but it still upset you.

There was something going around the…







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OMFG YES this does actually play in my head or the one fucking prayer that i dont even actually know except for hearing it on tv

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a glimpse into niall horan’s mind

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louis has the most visible accent 


like you can literally see the british


Yeah, i know what you mean



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